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The word stomach can be a noun or a verb.


  1. the internal organ in which the major part of the digestion of food occurs
  2. [in singular, usually with negative] an appetite for food or drink: she doesn’t have the stomach to eat anything

 or a lack of a desire or inclination for something involving conflict, difficulty, or unpleasantness: I don’t have the stomach to find out


  1. consume (food or drink) without feeling or being sick: if you cannot stomach orange juice, try apple juice.
  2. endure or accept (an obnoxious thing or person): I can’t stomach that stuck up cheerleader

(from the New Oxford American Dictionary online)

Fun things to do

Here’s some other stomach sayings. See if you can fill in the blank using the four words listed below.

a) an ________________ marches on its stomach

a group of soldiers or workers can only fight or function effectively if they have been well fed.

b) having not eaten

we all know that shopping on an __________________ stomach is bad for your wallet.

c) on a full stomach

after having eaten: I always _______________  better on a full stomach.

d) a strong stomach

an ability to see or do ________________ things without feeling sick or squeamish

be warned, you’ll need a strong stomach.

empty     unpleasant    army   think

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