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Zeller Speller #7

The word foot and its plural, feet, come from root words in Latin and Greek. Latin is “ped” and Greek is “pod.”  The English language has many words that contain those root words.

A root word has no prefix or suffix — it’s the most basic part of a word. (vocabulary.com)

Fun things to do

15See if you can find all 15 words in this story that contain the root words “ped” or “pod,” meaning foot.

Willy texted Millie and said, “I’m bored.”

“So am I,” she texted back. “Let’s get on our bikes and pedal to the park. Meet you there in five minutes.”

When they met at the park they locked their bikes to the bike rack.

“Watch where you’re going,” Millie warned. “You almost stepped on a centipede.”

“How’s school going?” Willy asked.

“Good. I like my science class the best. Mr. Urick gets all excited and waves his hands all over the place. When he really emphasizes something he leans on his podium. We’re learning about dinosaurs. A bunch of them were bipeds, like us.”

“I had that class last year. It was my favorite. Sounds like you practically have Mr. Urick on a pedestal. We had to draw an image of a dinosaur. I drew a sauropod.”

“Which one?” Millie asked.

Brachiosaurus was a sauropod dinosaur, one of the largest and most popular. It lived in during the Late Jurassic Period.

“Brachiosaurus. A quadruped with the world’s longest neck and tiniest head. I named him Brian.”

“Hey, look over there. That lady has a fancy camera and now she’s putting it on a tripod. She must be a professional photographer. Let’s go see.”

They walked over to the woman who was taking close-up photos of flowers.

“Hi. Mind if we watch you?” Willy inquired.

“No problem. As long as you don’t impede my progress,” she answered. “I have an appointment with a podiatrist and after that I’m getting a pedicure, so I’m kind of in a hurry.”

They watched as she bent over several red, pink and yellow flowers and snapped pictures of them. When she finished she said, “Thanks for watching. If you can help me gather some of my tools, that will expedite my time here.”

After that Willy and Millie walked to their bikes. “She must walk a lot because she wears a pedometer,” Millie mentioned.

“I won’t be walking when I get older,” Willy bragged. “My dad told me when I get old enough if I have good grades, he’ll let me have a moped.”

“Wow, that’s great. Just don’t run over a pedestrian.”

“I won’t. Unless it’s you.”

“Very funny. See you later.”

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