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Zeller Cellar Word Fun #23

Wow. It’s already June and summer is almost here. Many kids in the northern hemisphere love this time of year, because they usually have three months off from school. We don’t want to get mentally rusty while we’re away from school, so let’s go down to the cellar and pick something to exercise our brains.

You pick again. Let’s go to the Famous Phrases box. Aha. This is a great one. “All that glitters is not gold.” Excellent. It means that some things may not be as good as they seem. Unfortunately, the same goes for some people. Maybe they seem nice, but aren’t really. Maybe a video game seems cool, so you buy it, but then you’re dissapointed. Things can disappoint us. So can some people.

Fun things to do

Watch this brief video about an important lesson that Jack learns.

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