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Making Time to Be(e) Thoughtful 

Bees knees. Bee with carnation.

We all get busy as a bee at times. We get lost in our own thoughts. Maybe we think about a school project that’s due. Maybe we think about after school sports we’re involved in. It’s easy to forget to take a moment to tell someone, “You’re the bee’s knees.”  

Why not give it a try? Perhaps tell your BFF. “I can always count on you. You’re the bee’s knees.” When a parent cooks a favorite food of yours, you can compliment them. “That’s my favorite dinner. It’s the bee’s knees.”  Maybe someone at school is really good at science or math or English. You can say, “You’re so good at (fill in the blank). You make it seem easy. You’re the bee’s knees in that class.” 

We can be like bees, but instead of spreading pollen from flower to flower, we can spread thoughtful words. Often when we do that we end up feeling better ourselves. It only takes a couple seconds, and our thoughtful words can lift someone’s mood.  

And to each person reading this I think you’re the bee’s knees. 

Think time questions

Who or what is the bees knees for youWhy? 

I would love to see your think time thoughts. Use the comment window below to write to me.

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