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Two heads are better than one

Two heads are better than one. Students in classroom.

Being a kid can be hard. Being an adult can be hard. Sometimes we don’t know how to do something or figure something out. It could be a math problem. It could be how to write a report for school. It could be how to fix an object that breaks in the house. For a parent or teacher, it could be how to explain a subject or how to teach a lesson or how to juggle all the tasks that adults do.

Any of these examples could be times when we ask for help. Then we have more brain power to help us get an answer or come up with an idea. We can’t be good at everything. Our friends or a family member may have knowledge or skills we don’t have. They can be a great help.

Also, we have knowledge or skills others don’t have. Why not share?

Why not offer our help or idea?  Two heads are always better than one. Besides, it’s a lot more fun to share a problem with someone. It doesn’t feel like such a burden when we share.

Think time questions

Tell me a time when you asked for help or when you helped someone and the result was better because “two heads were better than one.”

I would love to see your think time thoughts. Use the comment window below to write to me.

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