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Who’s on a high horse?

Some kids are on their high horses because their families are rich. Some kids act that way because they have the latest style clothes, or phone or most popular video games. Maybe they live in a fancy house or their folks own expensive cars. Maybe they made some team at school or the cheerleading squad and you didn’t.

Do you ever get on your high horse?  Do you act as if you’re better than your fellow students or friends? Or that you know more than they do? Do you know classmates who do this?

If we are honest, all of us would admit to acting this way at some time in our lives. Acting that way all the time can be a problem, because arrogant behavior and attitudes often push other people away and they avoid us.

Here’s another thought. If you’re on your high horse often, you just might get thrown off, so to speak. OUCH!!  Probably better to dismount on your own.

Think time

How have you asked others to get off their high horse?  What did you do to help them act normal and not vain or conceited?

Have you been asked to get off your high horse?  Did you?  Then what happened?

I would love to see your think time thoughts. Use the comment window below to write to me.

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  1. There was a fellow in Greek Mythology who spent a lot of time sitting on a high horse. His name was Bellerophon, and that ‘high’ horse was his flying steed, Pegasus 🙂

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